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What to Bring

  • Things you need to eat & drink.
  • Sunscreen or Sunblock (lip stuff)
  • A hat and polarized sunglasses
  • A camera, yourself and a friend!

The season is March to July. Although the best times are May through July; however, it can be good into the Fall.


Best times are spring to early Fall.


Good year round but excellent March through June and October through December.


Good year round. Closed season: December 15 through January 31 and June 1 through August 31. In season, 2 fish “offshore” and 1 fish “backcountry” not less than 26 “ or more than 34” may be kept


Good year round, no closed season. Limit of 1 fish per person, per day, which must be not less than 18” or more than 27” may be kept.


Closed season November & December: 4 fish per person, per day which must be not less than 15” or more than 20” except 1 fish over 20” per person, may be kept.









For more information or if you would like to book a trip, please call us at:

Hyperactivity Guide Service contact info


Hyperactivity Guide Service contact info


Email: RCrenfish@aol.com